Sidus Tenebrarum - Dimlight

Sidus Tenebrarum is releasing their second effort. On this "Dimlight" EP there are four tracks of a raw mixture of death and black metal. Don't get fooled by the ridiculous bandpicture in the booklet because it ain't that wimpy stuff. Long songs that are blending between fast and midtempo. Melodic, compelling and aggressive. Raw screamy vocals over the short riffing guitars without leads unfortunately. And the drums are more going towards thrash death metal than to the dark black side of life. Not a bad EP and I think they are able to get more power in the songs, not necessarily faster but more overwhelming. Oh yeah guyz, and please make yor site in English too.

1. Last Vision Of A Dying World
2. Crusade
3. Book Of Sorrow
4. Black Light Of My Sun

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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