Sichgart - Do Zbroi

Today we are pleased to present this Ukrainian band formed in 2008, a powerful combination of raging Thrash Death Metal, a very interesting proposal, called "Do Zbroi", than in their respective translations means "to arms", a title which in truth sticks very well with the musical product found in this work. They are Sichgart.

Coming home late from work, sit quietly for a rest with a glass of wine in hand, ready to work on a new review after some time, and find yourself in two minutes just jumping on your seat, there is no peace, no rest, just FUCKING THRASH METAL!

The first two songs, 'Rise Up, Warrior!', 'And Horseman', are really thundering, speed and enviable forcefulness and the songs on the album are equally brutal, like 'Death Is Not a Sentence' and 'Call To Arms' where the instrumental work of the band is remarkably good.

One song that caught my attention is 'Wormwood Star' is an instrumental song with a very deep feeling, in my personal opinion, is perfectly located in the album, to give a break to the following. 'Path Through Hell' is a real steamroller, like 'Time To Die' and 'You Tricked Me Down And Let Me Down Bitch!' an Ukrainian ethno cover very well done.

Finally, I sincerely believe that Sichgart and the album "Do Zbroi" is an excellent proposal for all our readers, they deserve a chance!

  1. Rise Up, Warrior!
  2. Horseman
  3. Bloody Dirt
  4. Gloom' 33
  5. Death Is Not A Sentence
  6. Call To Arms!
  7. Wormwood Star
  8. Path Through Hell
  9. Time To Die
  10. You Tricked Me And Let Me Down, Bitch! (Ukrainian ethno song cover)