Siamese Brutalism Assault - Split

Thailand is not only known for one of te greatest sports called Muy Thai but also for the many upcoming UG metalbands. On this split you find 4 bands who already might be known to some UG followers. If not try to get a copy of this one.

Lacerate already formed in 1998 and blasting brutal death metal without doubt. Deep growling voxkills and furious riffing (but why only in the last track a lead?). Changing melody and tempo often and nice to listen to.

Hidden behind a skimask Deathguy is spreading death and terror. Vomiting the lyrics over an aggressive beat and guitars that are distorting your cranial. A Good Day For Killing just continue this assault with 3 tracks. Low gutteral vocals and fast drums with changing patterns frequently. Guitars are raving but not extra ordinairy rhythms. Brutal death metal that is far from being obnoxious.

Last band on this Siamese Brutalism Assault (this album is NOT related to this site!) is She's Gore. A sideproject from the Deathguy's drummer. And dedicated to porn...yummy...this grind is blasting this split to an climaxal end. 3 Tracks of cerebral breaking drumbeats, sawing guitars and the brutal vocals.

In the end it is a nice split CD with 4 uncompromising bands in the extreme genre.

1. Inevitable patricide
2. Odious satisfaction
3. Stinking rotten corpses

4. Rejuvenated by hypophysis
5. Chronic excretal addiction
6. Necro-linguistic programming

A Good Day For Killing
7. Natural insane murderers
8. Obnoxious
9. Set children free (by killing)

She's Gore
10. Urethral orificial sodomy
11. Grandmotherfuck
12. Rectalechery

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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