Shodan - Protocol Of Dying

Shodan is a death metal ensemble created in late 2013 on the initiative of Szczepan Inglot (guitar/vocals) and Michael Jarosz (drums). In early stage of 2014 the band was joined by Michał Rybak who took duties of bassist. April, same year the band released digitally debut EP "Zero K". "Protocol Of Dying" is the first full-length album of the Polish three-piece.

The album features 8 songs. Shodan’s music is a mixture of several extreme metal styles. Predominantly death metal with very strong metalcore (rhythmic passages and some vocal elements) and black metal (atmospheric chord use and some drum passages). The song are well written and executed, the arrangements are very layered and tasteful. The guitarists uses some nice effects and different sounds, for instance in the song 'This World Means Nothing', here and there there are some keyboard passages 'No Dignity' and some eerie vocal effects 'Nails'.

The layered character of Shodan’s music does raise the question wether they’ll be able to bring everything to the table live, since they’re a three-piece band. But that being said I really like this album, it has strong songwriting (each song has its own character) and good playing.

The only blemish on this album is the absolutely horrendous beginning of the guitar solo in the song “Immaculate deception” it stars of semi-bluesy but features some rather poorly executed and horribly intonated bends, especially after the pitchshifter/harmonizer kicks in, that this solo made the album absolutely baffles the mind. It is the music equivalent of a waiter spitting in the soup while serving… Because of that 4 out of 5 points.

  1. Shrine
  2. Immaculate Deception
  3. This World Means Nothing
  4. No Dignity
  5. La Reine Du Bal
  6. Nails
  7. Beloved Manticore
  8. Protocol Of Dying

Reviewer: N.Ottink
Aug 18, 2016

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