Sesta Marconi - Where The Devil Dances

Sesta Marconi's first full length album has arrived to give new hope to those that may be thinking old school Doom Rock is dead. Its alive and this is one of the best examples of how to mix Classic Rock, Doom Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal into a seamless package of pure rocking ear candy. This is one of those records that bring back memories of the early days of Doom Metal but there is so many influences on show here, its really is a smorgasbord of Heavy Rock sounds and textures. Some of the obvious influences here are Trouble, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, Count Raven, Pagan Altar, Cathedral but there is also a significant nod to bands like Black Widow, Captain Beyond and Pentagram. The band really covers all the bases on a album that is not only Heavy but also is rich in catchy, memorable songwriting. Their last release was the un-forgettable "Ritual Kamasutra Kitsch" EP but they have taken it to the next level here with a album with not only better, more re-fined playing but also better production and a great looking CD package. They describe their music as "Doom N Roll" and that sums up the Sesta Marconi sound as its on the lighter end of Doom Metal relying more on catchy songwriting, infectious riffing, strong vocal work in the timeless tradition of Sabbath and Purple. The mix works extremely well however and it is very apparent that band have spent a great deal of time perfecting a sound that will appeal to not only the Doom crowd but also Traditional Headbangers. The album begins with a chilling, errie riff that leads in "Gruesome Woe", a song that has a Candlemass type theme to it, not only musically but also lyrically. Like mentioned before, the guitar is not partially heavy but its effective in a early 80's style of Metal guitar work. A good track indeed but the album only gets better from here on in, the second cut "Skeletons Party" moves the band up a gear. A bit more of a intense feel in the riffing and also a more of a Psychedelic edge makes the song a instant keeper, this is where you begin to peel back the layers and start hear other more Progressive Rock sounds starting to shine through. By this stage the vocals of Sergio will start to sound like a old friend, he has a sound like many others to a certain degree but try to pin-point a direct comparison and it is almost impossible to name one. The vocal technique is one straight from the masters of the genre and yet he makes his own mark on a style that has been done to death but somehow he manages to sound fresh. Track 3 is "LSWD" which stands for "Life Sucks Without Drugs" and I know how they feel, as the title might suggest it has more of Hippie Rock/ Black Sabbath vibe about it. In fact it wouldn't be out of place on Vol.4 as it has a meandering style much like Wheels Of Confusion, at times it seems the track may run completely off course but it all gets pulled back together by a band that seems to have a natural ability for this type of music. At this point I must say the rhythm section of Nico( bass ) and Giuseppe ( drums ) and tight enough to keep it solid but loose enough so as to not lose that jammy 70's quality. "Rock And Roll Voodoo Style" and "At The Crack Of Dawn" are more by the numbers Hard Rock, not bad at all but with less instrumental exploration than the previous tunes. Stefano (guitar) continues to shine by mixing older Doom Metal sounds but with  modern technology and technique.

The real highlight of the album (for me anyway) is up next and its the almost 14 minute long "Vanitas The Leper Queen". On this track the band really pull out all the stops blending every influence together into a stop that seems a bit scattered at first but after a few listens you can see the method to their madness. Like mixing early Cathedral and classic Pentagram with some occult rock thrown in, the track is a monumental piece of work showcasing everything the band can do into one track. The final track "Blasted In summertime" is a fitting end to a album that has a bit of everything to offer the seasoned Metal/Hard Rock listener. If you are one of those that consider that doom metal is too slow to listen to the whole time, but you like a bit of variety then this a album you must check out.Sesta Marconi is the perfect example of a band that can take 55 minutes of your time without one moment of boredom and do it without resorting to just being heavy for the sake of it. I love head-crushing down-tuned metal as much as the next Doom-Head but there are times you want some high quality, well-written catchy Doom Metal just like in the old-school days. I am sure this will appeal to traditionalists mainly with the Doom Metal/ Heavy Metal audience but that is not a bad thing, there is still millions of us left. A almost flawless album.

1. Gruesome Woe
2. Skeletons Party
4. Rock And Roll Voodoo Style
5. At The Crack Of Dawn
6. Vanitas (The Leper Queen)
7. Blasted In Summertime

Metal On Metal Records
Reviewer: Ed
Nov 13, 2009

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