Serpent Venom - Serpent Venom

I found this UK doom quartet late last year, performing their very first gig in their hometown. Ever since that point, I have not missed an opportunity to check them out on stage and finally, the band has produced some tangible material for fans to enjoy. If you like your classic doom, think Pentagram, The Obsessed and many in between. Vocalist Gaz was the singer in the UK doom crew Sloth a few years back, and after a reasonable period of time, its good to hear that the vocal delivery laid down in Serpent Venom is top notch and sometimes haunting, the wails and emotion are something special. One thing that has struck me about this band is the many trills and classic approaches they use in the both the bass and guitar delivery. ‘Four Walls of Solitude’ is an 8-minute epic, slow, bleak, and emotive as mentioned earlier. You have to wait a full 5 minutes until you get some more upbeat upheaval to make you nod your head to at a reasonable pace a-la early Sabbath or Orchid. It is at this point you can pick up on the drumming talents of Paul. Whilst you can see this live, you can hear this in the recorded output quite clearly. ‘The Outsider’ booms out of your speakers, I do love the guitar tone that Pete on guitar prefers, and when you take this and the almost dreamy arrangement prior to the first solo, this is a pleasurable experience.

Not since I first heard Witchsorrow have I been so enthusiastic about a doom band, Serpent Venom whilst relatively new on the doom map, do know a thing or two about true doom and how to blow away the competition. This first demo is a cracking sign of things to come.

1. Four Walls Of Solitude
2. Under The Compass
3. The Outsider

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 16, 2010

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