Serpent Venom - Carnal Altar

This is the debut album of an English True Doom 4-piece that has admittedly been one of my artists of choice for the last 18 months or so. There are many bands out there preaching true doom, this band reflect influences such as Blue Cheer, Bedemon and thus Pentagram. The thing that strikes me about this band is that they really mean it. On stage, their persona completely changes to a solid focused well oiled machine, and I am pleased to say that this has been reproduced in the studio. Recording of this opus took place at Foal Studio’s in Wales; the resulting organic sound is crisp, clear and damn heavy. Crank this one up to ten and your neighbours house and car alarms will be set off due to the rumbling nature of the sound produced.

Current favourites that were originally from their 3-track demo are re-recorded, such as ‘Under the Compass’ and ‘Four Walls of Solitude’, these certainly hit the mark and conclude with an ever so high standard. ‘Devilshire’, one of the new tracks, has you walking in misty forests of old England, it’s dark, dank, eerie, and the resulting atmosphere quickly takes you into their wicked world and down a darker path. The album packaging is a very special booklet in the style of the hammer horror movies, when listening to the album you feel like Christopher Lee could jump out at you at any moment given both the solace and haunting effects that nurture your mind during playback. This is an album for fans of high calibre doom arrangements with a pennant for occult horror and theatrical creativity.

  1. Carnal Altar
  2. Blood Of Serpents
  3. Four Walls Of Solitude
  4. Conjuration
  5. Under The Compass
  6. Devilshire
  7. The Outsider

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 13, 2011

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