Serenity Defiled - Where Chaos Reigns

This is an Australian thrash/death project that formed in 2010 and is currently unsigned, this in itself is a criminal statement as this band really knows how to set your stereo alight and play their instruments with some precision. Brutal would describe a lot of the action here and right from the opening notes of ‘Next of Kin to Chaos’, if you liked the brash thrash project Tenet that featured Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza and Gene Hoglan, then you may well want to invest some time with this band. Technicalities often appear to have a Slayer and Testament influence and the whole adrenaline rush of excitement is complimented with a really good level of production values like that on ‘Sands of Doom’.

By the time you get to ‘Infestation’ you think this group is giving you a well-earned rest, however this is not the case and this is another pulverising slab of thrash. In fact, the pace and technicalities may find favour with fans of SYL and similar artists although this is much more suitable to the recent crop of thrash releases from the west coast old guard over the last few years. The thing that gets me excited here is some of the lead work, it is really a combination of Hanneman (RIP), King and Skolnick, three of the greatest influences all on one album, I shit you not.

This is a no brainer, buy this! The band look to be reactivating themselves of late and this release that has been out for a while is the best invitation you need for this band. With a wealth of “thrash” albums of late to listen too, this stands out as a smack in the face of conformity, it has balls basically!

  1. Next Of Kin To Chaos
  2. Rancid Soul
  3. Infestation
  4. Evolution Of The Beast
  5. Begin To Deny
  6. Sands Of Doom
  7. Waiting For Disaster
  8. World Of Hurt
  9. Unstable Ground

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 26, 2013

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