Septory - Seductive Art Profane

The main joy of this job is getting your albums from the boss for reviewing and opening them up and seeing what bands you have this time, every time is a thrill of the unknown and this is no exception! Septory are a Death Metal band from Russia and this is their second full length release and third over all, ten tracks coming in at just under forty minutes is what you get here. An exceptionally well played album is also what you get with some really great riffing and some great guitar work from Haoth, really top stuff from him, check out the title track for proof of this. Good vocals from the bass player Deiron as well, nice deep growly ones, just the way we like our death metal! Drummer Algor is also very decent at what he does, so you get a really well played album with three excellent musicians contributing. This outfit have been going in one form or another since 2005 and it shows, very tight sounding playing which makes for a very enjoyable listen. All tracks come in at around the four minute mark bar the opening track “Entangled of Madness” which is an instrumental scene setter and “The Endless Torments” which is under the three minute mark but a cracking track for all that!

My favourite tracks are the title track which is a great song, really neat stuff and the great titled “Blind Bastard Manifest” another great track, but in this reviewers humble opinion there is not a bad track on it, some great guitar work and all round good production make it a great listen and well worth purchasing if you get the chance. Good solid release from a really good band, check it out, if you dare!!!


  1. Entangled Of Madness
  2. Seductive Art Profane
  3. Open Eyes Of Chaos
  4. Virtual God
  5. Victimized
  6. Self-Genocide
  7. The Endless Torments
  8. Final Path
  9. Blind Bastard Manifest
  10. Brake Your Idols