Sclavinia - Polonized

In the band’s own words: “Sclavinia is an unique metal band with was initially formed in Liverpool (UK) during the summer 2007 by two experienced musicians-Lachovsky (guitar/vocals) and Lysy (vocals/bass) Two months later Orti (drums) joined the band. In 2010 Lysy sadly left Sclavinia and since then in 2012 the mighty David Gardner has taken over the guttural growls. Sclavinia released its first demo CD “Our Heritage” in 2008 which was well received by the public. Following this success, Sclavinia recorded a home-made video “Master Twardowski” which can be viewed by anyone on Youtube (comments welcome) Since 2009 Sclavinia has been performing throughout the UK, supporting bands like: Napalm Death, Desecration, Burial, Neuroma, War/System and others. In summer 2010 Sclavinia recorded and released their second demo "Liber Magnum" and now in March 2013 have released their fantastic Polonized EP”

Now a quarter percent British Sclavinia it has to be pointed out is and always was a superb live band and no matter what life has to throw at them they appear stronger than ever. Now with this new E.P. out it looks as if they are once again ready to take on the world with a more powerful live set and heavier tracks – can this be possible? Check them out and see for yourself!

The cover of this EP has stand out qualities of sophistication and splendor with swords and skulls encased in a row of feathers and above it a crown – designed by Woo Boo Doo Productions and so apt for their special brand of death metal music. The album was recorded at Crash Studios and mixed and mastered by Michal “Neten” Orden the band's drummer extraordinaire.

Calm Before The Storm
A slow melting combination of momentum is in each riff allowing a melody to gel from the associative structures of the song and a beautifully executed instrumental that is indeed the Calm Before The Storm.

Grab The Sword
Vocally scathing and raw the vocal, breathes intense life into this track with resounding quality and precision and accelerates the mood levels brilliantly. The results are sweeping melodies and apocalyptic rhythms that will stagger and astound. Also great live as it really captures the moment just as it did at Deathwave on the 8th of this month of chilly March.

Eastern Wind
Alternating chords with guttural and undulating raw growls a plenty, twisted in its own grandeur but fluid and racing it is one fiery track that builds to an enormous intensity.

Master Twardowski
Ambient and very black but balanced by an immense bell and scathing rhythms creating a cold emptiness that soon heats up as the guitar comes into play and the harsh wild drumming kicks in this in turn creates a majestic array of accelerated consistency.

The essence of death metal captures a vastness of harmonic space in its entirety excelling in mood and intensity, with beautiful chord precision and structurally created to produce a brilliantly foreboding track that will reap vengeance on the listener and sung in Polish for your listening experience.

Ambient sounds of beautifully plucked bass strings moulded with guitar and a cackling crow which adds to the fluidity of this well balanced track and in turn creating a superb atmosphere.

Bonus Track – Bazyliszeh
Kick-happy drum beats produce a good solid sound with equally good rhythm. Fast and complex guitar with a harsh breathless vocal creates total mayhem and savagery but possesses great rhythmical components all adding up to an immense listen and feel to an astounding E.P developing into an engaging and dramatic track.

To sum up: Savage and yet soothing in its own twisted way Sclavinia I feel have surpassed their boundaries with this 7 track EP incorporating a darkened atmosphere, tormenting scathing melodies encompassed by a harsh, raw and most definitely brutal vocal Sclavinia have now produced a much more confident sound and offer a superbly powerful and gratifying listen. Nothing has been left to chance here and what you get here is just simply the best from outstanding band Sclavinia.

A must for lovers of blackened death metal! Dobra Robota as they say in Poland!


1. Calm Before The Storm
2. Grab The Sword
3. Eastern Wind
4. Master Twardowski
5. Bazyliszeh
6. Outro
7. Bazyliszeh (Bonus Track)