Sarke - Viige Urh

Don't expect this one to be fast, because it's not really their style(s). Entering the realm to Sarke's depressing black/thrash metal. I'd have to say though it was worth buying the CD. It was a little expensive, but I thought that I'd give it a shot. I liked the album right away. Their vibe is such that their evil but the thrash metal guitars. The vocals are what makes this album "evil" and the music is at a pretty slow tempo. Good production though and the synthesizers in the background enhance the dark, melancholic sound to the album. Everything on here is awesome though, the guitars, the vocals, the atmosphere and the production quality. Everything on here is mixed well.

This a relatively short release but that doesn't take away from its magic. The guitars go well with the vocals. They seem to blend together. And the lead guitar work is good as well. It's not overly technical, just well played out. Some clean tone on here as well. The riffs are definitely thrash driven but mixed with the black metal, though the rest of the contributors on here (vocals, bass, synthesizers, drums) all augment their concept. They're definitely underground but just not really brutal at all. Don't expect this album to be in your face heavy or thick, the vibe is such that it's merely melancholic.

I like all the tracks on here, so I cannot single one out to suggest to play on YouTube. I'd just say that probably the whole album is on YouTube and Spotify. This album is a little over a year old so their music is probably gone viral. But really, this album gives me the chills when I play it. It's that type of release that you can get hooked on. The music is so captivating. I love the thrash riffs. It's just the core to the band. I haven't heard previous releases by the band, but I'll guess that they give off the same vibe as this one. Maybe even darker, I'm not sure. Check Spotify for older albums, but don't expect them to be as good as this one.

Download this first because the CD itself is EXPENSIVE. At least the one I got from Amazon. I'm sure that it's possible to get it cheaper by now, but maybe not. In any event, this is about 35 minutes of sheer gloom and doom. The vocals (again) remind me a little bit of Attila from Mayhem. But a little bit less odd. Sarke has their own way of making music, not everyone is going to be appalled when they hear this. I was, but that's just me. A lot of metal fans want something harder and more aggressive. You're not going to find that on here. It's slow and depressing, so slap me if it's not your kind of "thing" and you've bought the CD. Download it first! I loved it!

1. Viige Urh
2. Dagger Entombed
3. Age Of SailĀ 
4. Upir
5. Jutul
6. Punishment To Confessions
7. Knifehall
8. Evolution And Fate

Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 1, 2018

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