Salem - Collective Demise

Salem comes from Israel and is around from 1985! So the guys know how to play and that is shown in the songs. There is a lot of variety in the songs with influences from different genres, female vocals and Psalms lyrics. The music is based on heavy guitarriffing but where are the leads? The vocals are cold and grim but get irritating towards the end of the album. The variety in the melodies makes it not boring minute.

1. Broken Yet United
2. Coming End Of Reason
3. Slave
4. Act Of Terror
5. Act Of War
6. Collective Demise
7. Dead Eyes
8. Feed On Your Grief
9. Decadence In Solitude
10. Recall
11. Al Taster
12. Inhuman Greed
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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