Sadistik Forest - Death, Doom, And Radiation

Simple destruction. That is the best way to describe Sadistik Forest's sophomore effort, 'Death, Doom, And Radiation.' Taking a bit of a Brutal Death n' Roll approach, listeners will hear influences of Deeds Of Flesh and even Jungle Rot in this steamrolling album. Despite the riffs being rather reptitive, much of the music has that heavy, gritty sound mixed with melodic solos that give off the harsh style that made Death Metal so intriguing in the early 90s. Tracks like "Radiation Cloud" are excellent chugging brutalizers that feature guttural vocals that gurgle along- sometimes to great effect and sometimes not, depending on what style listeners like- that are sometimes mitigated by a higher pitched snarl. Tracks like "Pit Of Debris" have a lot more rhythm to them and switch between slow, grinding riffs and faster, churning moments with plenty of thumping bass that would make fans of early Cannibal Corpse very happy.

However, between these two styles, this is basically what defines the overall sound of Sadistik Forest's effort. There are a few surprises here and there such as highly technical solo on "Violent Confrontation," but at the heart of the album things are just solid, sledgehammers of either stop n' go rhythms or just direct, straightforward churnings that don't let up. For those who have heard Sadistik Forest's previous work, very little has changed for their formula, and this can be seen as a good or bad thing depending on how one liked the last effort. If it was boring, then this will probably seem boring, but if it was catchy, then this will seem catchy.  For newcomers, most technical Death Metal fans will probably find this album a bit dry, but those who just like a direct approach that is full of decent riffs will find this quite easy to headbang to.

  1. Radiation Cloud
  2. Fabric Of Lies
  3. Down Pours The Rain Of Blood
  4. Code For Liberation
  5. Entrapment
  6. Pit Of Debris
  7. Lacking Capacity
  8. It's Raining Napalm
  9. Violent Confrontation