Sad Eyed Angel - Buried Face Down

Sad Eyed Angel is from my neck of the woods, Chicago, IL. They claim on their myspace page that they are influenced by the blues but I do not hear it in the album Buried Face Down much (it is there a little). Instead, I hear grind style musical voicing and a solid scream-growl vocal. Ryan' O-myte (think that might be a pseudonym?) has a throat that carries right with and along over the heavy grooves. He sometimes yells straight for many measures and then, like in the track “Rise of the Creeps,” he breaks up his singing into staccato and sometimes he screams in longer wails. I hope he has the stamina to continue.

Musically, I think of the genre break-down of the band Splitter and the human power of Napalm Death. I say this because the music on Buried Face Down is not quite grind and not quite death, just like Splitter. But at the same time, even though it changes rhythms fairly consistently, there is also something comforting about the more traditional power riffs on the album. The riffs are heavy but not as aggressive as they could be. This leaves out the murderous anger feeling that is built into such bands as Sacramentum and The Haunted. But at the same time, there is a quality sense of metal as art in the band’s organization. The music is not just straight-ahead riffing. The album’s second track, “Wake the Dead,” has some screeching guitar strings that ring at the end of measures right as the power chords have rung fully. It’s like the music is somehow working against itself and creating its own burdens it must then carry instead of looking for ways to drop weight and fly to freedom and escape.

Sad Eyed Angel exploits their real artistic possibilities in the song “Mass Ignorance” by beating the skins forcefully in some sections, then the growling picks up at the same time, and this is followed by harmonic singing under which the music slows down to a slow grind while the drums smooth out too. The band has something. They also have websites on which one could buy their CD for only $5 dollars direct. I think fans of Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, and Disiplin will absolutely dig this CD. I hope these comparisons have been helpful. Listen to the music and remember to particularly notice the rhythmic swings of “No Remorse.” That track is amazing.

1. Intro
2. Wake The Dead
3. Angel Guts
4. Sinkhole
5. Killpath
6. Mass Ignorance
7. The Escape
8. Shattered Life
9. Rufies
10. Rise Of The Creeps
11. No Remorse
12. Rollin God
13. Surfacing Infection

Self released
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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