Sacrificio - Fin De La Fe

Almost 40 minutes of a grind and death metal mixture. Sacrificio is hailing from Puerto Rico and singing in Spanish. Vocals that cannot be followed so who cares they sing in Spanish, haha, nervous wrecking guitars and drums that are mixed too soft. Songs that thrive heavily on the guitarriffs but where are the furious leads?? This would have add some tension. Variation in the tempo and melody makes it listenable although Sacrificio is unfortunately not bringing big shockwaves.

1. 10 Mandamientos
2. Recluta del infierno
3. Eterno resurgir
4. Depresion suicida
5. Lluvia de sangre
6. En problemas
7. Orden sacerdotal
8. La sagrada mentira

Dans Crypt Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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