Ripped 2 Shreds - Straight Hate

Originally released way back in 2003, ‘Straight Hate’ represents these Germans debut release. Although this is a cracking release that you should definitely muster your currency together for to buy, it does however appear that the band have split up. The music in question needs to be blasted as was intended at full volume. Torturing grindcore sprinkled with a touch of good old death metal is a fitting genre and fitting expression of gore, filth and hatred. There is effortless appeal and groove underneath the twisting, turning arrangements. ‘Deepred Walls’ builds upon an intro then simply blows your brains out when it gets going. Massive blast beats and frantic guitar ripping keeps you entertained and on the edge of where ever you are listening from. Vocals are gore ridden, but not that far down the cookie monster road, and for me, this is a good thing. I do get tiresome of vocals you cannot understand. Not a problem here. ‘Slaves’ being only 35 seconds long takes your breath and blink and its gone, the funky bass line in the middle grabs your attention and kicks your ass around the room. This would be pretty intense at a live show. ‘Princess of Pain’ has a pure old death metal nastiness about it, reminding me of some aspects of very early Carcass or Exhumed, then mix it up with some grind beats and you have a quality recording to take note of.

Not much else to say, a powerful release and who knows, hopefully I was given this review in the hope that things will start up again for this band or at the very least make sure the world does not forget Ripped 2 Shreds.

1. Intro
2. Kneedeep In Bones
3. Corpse Collector
4. Deep Red Walls
5. Slaves
6. Suck The Pus
7. Need To Kill
8. Princess Of Pain
9. Lost
10. Destroy, Destroy, Destroy
11. Decomposing
12. The Sweet Taste Of Gore
13. Cut To Fit (cover Nasum)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 16, 2010

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