Rictus Grin - Taste The Steel

Rictus Grin is a metal band from the US and already active since early 1998. Already released 3 albums before and here is #4. 7 Tracks having their roots in the thrash and speed metal. Heavily focusing on the guitars (with leads), the songs got their melody lines and carried by a tight rhythmsection with nice basslicks. Tempo of the songs vary and can go from mid tempo to fast easily. The vocals are shouty, raw and going not to deep. The music is easy listened and surely let you respond in front of your speakers. Glad there are still good metal bands around.

1. Fear
2. Taste the Steel
3. We All Shall Rise Again
4. Crimson Facade
5. Left Behind
6. God of Wrath
7. Six Feet

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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