Reviver - Reviver

After some demos these bringers of evil from The Netherlands deliver this self-titled full length CD. All about reviving heavy, power and speedmetal from the old days this is a straightforward album with all afore-mentioned styles mixed. As symmetrical and well designed as their logo are the songs that kick in like a wall of Metaaaaal!! The vocals are really powerfull and easily float above the catchy guitarriffs and recognizable refrains. Every song a different vibe, nothing really new, but nothing boring at all. Revive and survive!!!

1. The call
2. Osiris eyes
3. Watch out!
4. Gates of time
5. Garden of eden
6. Another day
7. Cycles
8. Revive and survive
9. Strong
10. Bringer of evil
11. Fight your fight
12. Beyond the infinite

Remedy Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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