Reverend Bizarre - Slice Of Doom 1999-2002

Due to the fact that this demo from Reverend Bizarre was released as different releases it was a good plan from Psychedoomelic to give the band the opportunity to collect them on one disc and release it officially. Also nice to read the liner notes although some lines are missing and the story suddenly stops. Reverend Bizarre plays real slow doom with heavy and quit passages in long songs. Songs that create a depressing atmosphere.

1. Pyramids of mars (first edition)
2. Intro (second edition)
3. In the rectory of the bizarre reverend
4. Strange horizon
5. Fucking wizard
6. Outro (second edition)
7. First edition hidden track
8. second edition hidden track
9. Exerpt from the Lohja-era tape
10. Funeral summer
11. Doomsower
12. Dark world
13. Doom over the world

Psychedoomelic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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