Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory

This has been in the works for a long time and finally its here but its no ordinary best of compilation. This 2 CD set features some obscure Reverend Bizarre recordings and a bunch of cover versions that any Reverend fan needs to own. Most half serious Doom fans would have most of this already but this maybe the best purchase you can make if you are thinking about picking up your first Reverend Bizarre album. The first song is one of the best on here,a 18 minute epic called "Demons Annoying Me". It was originally released in 2003 in a very limited form so getting it here is a real bonus.

The album also features "Blood On Satan's Claw", one of the more normal Metal tracks they ever did with its Mercyful Fate meets Celtic Frost type of vibe." Apocalyptic Riders" is another interesting track but "The Tree Of Suffering" and "The Children Of Doom" really sum up how Doom Metal is meant to be played. These tracks are monumental in every extreme and among the best tracks they ever recorded. Disc Two is not quite as interesting being cover versions, i would rather hear their originals but the covers are still essential to own if you are a big supporter of this band. The two stand out tracks on Disc Two are their versions of Saint Vitus's "Dark World" and the Pentagram tune "Broken Vows". Both are brilliant versions but its the rest of the Disc that is the most intriguing.

Mr Velcro Fastener is a  Finnish electro band, who sounded a little like Kraftwerk. The strange thing is that they recorded a version of "Doom Over The World", as a tribute to Reverend Bizarre. Here Reverend Bizarre do a version of their song"Bend". All these can be found in their split 12", again limited in 888 copies."Rotestilaulu" is a cover of a Simo Salminen song, I don’t know anything about him to be honest. Basically if you are new to Reverend Bizarre then this will be a pretty good way to start and if you are already a fan then this will be a essential purchase.

CD 1

  1. Demons Annoying Me
  2. Blood Satans Claw
  3. Apocalyptic Riders
  4. The Tree of Suffering
  5. The Children of Doom
  6. Odinns Men

CD 2

  1. From the Void II
  2. Dark World (Saint Vitus cover)

  3. Broken Vows (Pentagram cover)

  4. Bend (Mr Velcro Fastener cover)

  5. Rotestilaulu (Simo Salminen cover) 

  6. Deceiver (Judas Priest cover)

  7. The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit cover)

Ranka Recordings
Reviewer: Ed
Oct 2, 2009

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