Requiem Laus - Promo 2006

Formed round the early 90s, Portuguese REQUIEM LAUS return with this Promo 2006, their 4th release to date, a death metal mixture of sorts that delivers in instances, keeps you wanting that tad bit more at others.

Their early 90s inception days pay off in a sound being a crossbreed of Swedish death metal ala AT THE GATES with a more direct British sound from that era ala BENEDICTION, especially in the vocal department. Yet as their bio says, due to the ever-changing line-ups they went through, each new member brought along new influences, which gives way to hybrids of this what one calls “new wave of Swedish death metal” (which is no death metal at all) meeting a slight black metal & gothic metal touch.

Nevertheless, I sense a genuine attempt to make each song sound different, and indeed they do succeed, bringing on influences from across the above mentioned references while managing to give each song an own identity through different ideas here and there. Yet these newer influences are the icing on the cake not the cake itself. Hence, the polished thin sound production of this promo being more befitting to bands like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY or THE GATHERING, does not push the songs where they belong to, which a more real old school death metal sound would have. Especially when musicianship involved is not overwhelmingly technical and hence allows for a rougher edged tone.

So in short, I believe one here has average songs with good musicianship but with a too melodic “death metal” production that does not give them credit.

1. Christ Above
2. Final Function
3. Perfect World
4. Maledictis
5. Reflection Of God

Self released
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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