Relics Of Martyrs - Scenes Of Blood And Betrayal

What we are discussing today is an interesting Death/Thrash Metal band formed in Jordan in 2008, by brothers Hrayr & Masis, who joined Amr and Zaher to complete the combo, they are Relics Of Martyrs, after signing a deal with the Noisehead Records label, today they are presenting their first full length, "Scenes Of Blood And Betrayal".

First of all, I would like to say that, as a lover of the genre that is concerning us today, and lover of many other sub-genres within Metal, I am very happy that this new wave of Middle-Eastern Metal bands, are being presented with such force worldwide, which strengthens our beloved musical style. Today it is a fact, but a few years ago this would have been unthinkable, with only a few exceptions. In my opinion, something to celebrate!

Now let's dive into the musical aspect, clearly influenced by the big bands of Thrash and Death Metal already consecrated, Relics Of Martyrs have achieved consolidate their own sound, very typical in Middle Eastern bands, where the instruments, far from thunderous sounds, are understood with perfect clarity. The compositions are very dynamic, where guitar riff's, and changes of rhythm are a registered trademark in almost the whole proposal. With an intro which they left quite clear their roots , that is called 'What Lays Beneath', we find songs like 'March For Freedom', 'Rule Of Nature', which give a clear account of it, and songs such as 'Code Of Honor' and 'The Martyrs Journey',among others, give strength and quality needed to complete a good work.

With some things to improve, as occurs in most of debut albums, I sincerely believe that Relics Of Martyrs has a very good future in the scene, the first steps have been taken, which in these times is not easy. An album as exotic as highly recommended.

1. What Lays Beneath
2. Hidden In The Sand
3. Vigil Dream
4. A March For Freedom
5. Land Of The Untold
6. Judas Between Us
7. Of An Earth And Death
8. Justice Has Been Served
9. Rule Of Nature
10. Code Of Honor
11. The Martyrs Journey