Raw - Rawzilla

Hailing from Mannheim, Germany thrash metal band Raw has brought us their second full length album entitled "Rawzilla". For the most part, this is a solid thrash metal release with hints of punk and death metal.

While this album is fairly typical, it does have a nice mix up of groove and speed.  Vocally it could be more polished and it gets a bit repetitive, however they do have a nice vile and growly sound to the them. The added death metal growls are a nice touch and bring a heavier quality to the album.  The guitar work is average with some melody mixed into the thrashy riffs. Rhythmically they bring us heavy hitting fast drums and fine bass work.

While many of the songs seem to blend into each other, "Twist the Knife" breaks it up a bit with its punk overtones and "Antitude" has fantastic speed combined with nice melodic guitar work.

This album is a typical and average thrash release, it has some nice groovy solos and the added punk and death metal influence works well.  Overall, "Rawzilla" is a solid release but not particularly memorable.

1     The Wolf Without A Pack
2     Like Phoenix From Ashes
3     Twist The Knife
4     Be Aware
5     A Farewell To Civilization
6     I Zombie
7     Perfect Solitude
8     I Am Sailing
9     Antitude
10   Human Nature
11   Bigoted
12   Scared To Death
13   Rawzilla

Reviewer: SweetSinz
Aug 21, 2012

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