Raw - Moshpit

These German Thrashcore merchants self-released this album a couple of years ago, and if you are looking at the song titles you may be thinking, oh no, here comes the clichés again. Well, if music is the spice of life, then Raw is the thundering juggernaut crashing through the daily market with complete disregard. ‘Pigs’ is a thundering track, in essence this is nothing out of the ordinary for this style, but there is something inviting and fresh about this recording, I can see where this band is going. They will be forever in the underground, but I don’t really think they would give a shit about that, especially of you look at the title to track 17! But is that really a bad place, no, not at all.

‘War Takes One’ gets straight into action with a punchy bassline, it actually sounds like some modern brutal death core in places (listen to some of the drumming too), the vocals are truly gruff and “core”, a little annoying, but then i don’t pretend to like this style of vocal. Finger-tapping guitar work followed by a second verse assault tease you before rapidly ending after just over one minute. ‘The Aesthetic of Cruelty’ really takes the biscuit, I mean this in a good way, there are a few out of place pinch harmonics here and there, and I don’t really think they fit their metal archives genre tag either after hearing some of these songs, especially from the vocal style, maybe just the guitar rhythm.

All in all, ‘Moshpit’ has cliché after cliché in the song titles, the music is brash and harsh but somewhere amongst this combination of styles and sounds is a band with a good sense of energy if nothing else. Musically, you won’t find anything too challenging, Raw and their violent ‘Moshpit’ is somewhat of a guilty pleasure even if there is a disjointed clash of musical genres.

  1. The Beastard
  2. All Out War
  3. War Takes One
  4. Pigs
  5. The Great Giveaway
  6. World Of Fire
  7. The Aesthetic Of Cruelty
  8. Headache
  9. It’s Hip To Be Shit
  10. Sirens Calling
  11. Wasted Youth
  12. Like Ants
  13. Lucid Dreams
  14. Mosh
  15. Bloodwalker
  16. Holidays In Toxic Wasteland
  17. Fuck The Scene
  18. Sloth Is My Virtue
  19. Drug Me
  20. Rock ‘n’ Raw

Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 9, 2011

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