Raventale - Long Past Days

Ukranian metal that I can best discribe as atmospheric black/death or gothic doom. Either way Raventale presents here with "Long Past Days" a very dark, gloom and doom type of atmosphere but at the same time manages to bring the mind not to depression but rather to a higher level of understanding and intelligence. I actully found this album very good in aiding with my darkened meditations and deep thought. This album will bring to sufface any darkened feelings that have been hidden deep within the subconcious and it is an experience or journey rather than a sit down and listen to type album. I would say this is an esoteric album and anyone who can appreciate something dark and different should give this one a shot. +5/5 is a very well yet still under estemating rating for this excellent piece of work.

1. By A Gnash Of Pain (Nastalgia)
2. Up For Horizon
3. Sunset Of The Age (Both Like Birds)
4. From Time Of Black Wells
5. My Silhouette Is Going Far
BadMoodMan Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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