Ravenous Death - Chapters Of An Evil Transition

"Chapters Of An Evil Transition"!!!!!! Esta Chingon! I first got a glimpse of Ravenous Death by listening to their killer 2017 EP, "Ominous Deathcult". Damn... what a ride! Skip a couple years later, their debut LP is nothing short of a category five hurricane, except there's no calm before the storm or an eye of the storm. You get constant rage, fury, destruction etc etc.

"Chapters Of An Evil Transition" begins with 'Prelude To Evilness'. Perfect name for this intro by the way, because that's exactly what it is! Apocalyptic notes, pounding drums murmured whispers and growls - similar feel to the intro of 'Hell Awaits'.

The ominous intro transitions into 'Doomed To Exist'. What a fucking tune! A quick drum fill followed by a sonic boom of riffs, blast beats, d beats, fills, a rapid/shredding solo, infernal vocals - Holy Shit! This is intensively addictive. What's coming next?

I'm a sucker for a snare drum 4 count and that's exactly how the following track, 'Harvesting Hate', starts. Bap Bap Bap Bap GGGGRRRROOOOOWWWWLLLLL. More sinister riffs, more blasting (with swift fills that would make Pete Sandoval proud), more whirling around in the cyclone of wrath that I can't get enough of. Seamless tempo shifts from blasting, to mid tempo, to pounding can't help but keep me on my toes.

I'm not gonna write about every song on this album, but track #4 'Evil Dementia (The Voices Of The Nobodies)', has to be mentioned. From the first note, this song grabbed me by the throat and refused to give me as much as a gasp of air. Amidst the stranglehold, is more of the formula that's stoked me for the previous songs, it just happens to contain some of my favorite riffs.

A couple songs later, we have 'Initiation Ritual'. This jam may be the most reminiscent of old school Sweden. Jumping out with a furiously melodic riff later paired with a blistering harmony, these dudes don't let up. And that's fine with me. As the relentless attack continues, my smile remains. The smile turns to shaking my head in "disbelief." I mean how can a band charge so hard for so long and have me hooked as I was in the first song? This Mexican quartet finds a way!

The album comes to a close with another banger 'Soul Consumed By The Occult'. Ravenous Death persist on hammering until the song ends with a brief but beautifully melodic passage. Woh, shit, I can finally breathe. The assault is over. Time to restart the album and enjoy the pounding again!

This kinda reminds me of the first time I heard Vomitory. To be exact, the opening tracks to "Revelation Nausea". But, shhhhhh, I like this better!

Stand out tracks:
'Doomed To Exist'
'Harvesting Hate'
'Evil Dementia (The Voices Of The Nobodies)'
'The Sinister Being'


1. Prelude To Evilness
2. Doomed To Exist
3. Harvesting Hate
4. Evil Dementia (The Voices Of The Nobodies)
5. Awakening Of The Damned
6. Cursed Origin
7. Initiation Ritual
8. The Sinister Being
9. Massacre Cult
10. Soul Consumned By The Occult