Ratad - Slutet Välkomnas

This is a Swedish band who make one hell of a racket. Pitching themselves somewhere between extreme (beyond extreme) metal and grind, with maybe a touch of punk (but not too much), ‘Slutet Välkomnas’ is a heart attack in motion. Some of the tunes are a bit too extreme, almost just for the hell of it and it’s taken a while to get adjusted to this release in all honesty.

Whilst you may find your attention wailing from time to time with such a muddy production, you will need to take a deep breath and the breakdown on ‘Fuck Armageddon This Is Ratad’ which will suffice thank you very much. I can appreciate what is going on here, but there is an element of uncontrolled chaos when the tempo is increased. On different sound systems you will get a better appreciation of the music as this sounds horrible in a car with way to much hiss and noise to actually hear anything. In a quiet place is the place to enjoy this, if you can that is. ‘Sänkt’ has more of a d-beat punk flavour to it, although the torturous vocal will not please everyone all the time, or everyone at any one time, maybe the gang styled vocal chant will help with listening camaraderie!

OK this, this is extreme, this is a difficult release to actually entertain. The musical content is ok, the sound lacks a level of clarity for the average fan of this style to get their teeth into. However I would recommend a listen to ‘Transform Into Wolf’ as this stands out for me but with the remainder of the release you may be left with a sense of absence minded obliteration without really being able to pin point what has actually just happened. This is certainly a release for the die-hard enthusiast of this genre.

  1. Ordinary Guys Get Revenge By Sword
  2. Fuck Armageddon This Is Ratad
  3. Sänkt
  4. Transform Into Wolf
  5. Vemord
  6. Slutet Välkomnas