Rapture - Sinister Creation

Wow, these Mexican dudes are totally influenced by the US Death Metal scene. Rapture´s style could be described best as technical Death Metal in the vein of mighty Morbid Angel, Gorguts or Suffocation. The songs are fast as hell with continuing variations and don´t take prisoners at all. The many good ideas and riffs carry the song structures a huge step forward while the production is (without any doubt) one the best I ever heard from a Mexican band. These guys truely have an infernal vision of what they wanted to sound like and I guess they´re damn close to their goal. The Grave cover shows Raptures respect for the Scandinavian Death Metal scene and is one of the few moments to slow down a little bit. It also finishes “Sinister creation” with class. Well, it´s up to you, if you give Rapture a chance or not, but you´ll surely miss some great underground stuff, if you deny them. Stay away if you like melodic music - This is the real shit.

1. Creation of death
2. Abysmal sentence
3. Morbid thoughts
4. Fetid shell
5. Clockwork hatred
6. Atrophied mind
7. Complex of flesh
8. Dark nova
9. Bullets are mine (cover Grave)
American Line Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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