Ranger - Knights Of Darkness

Ranger are band with a large underground buzz around them at the moment, whether you care about Fenriz’s band of the week blog or not, the fact is that these recommendations often turn into fruition in terms of the quality is something that should not be taken for granted. These chaps are from Finland and are labelled as Speed metal and I do generally find they have a large touch of early Slayer about them (especially the track ‘Ranger’), perfect right! Not to limit themselves either to this particular field, some of the guitar riffing on a track like ‘Steel Dawn’ may well remind you of Iron Maiden’s glory days especially around the 2 minute 20 second mark and beyond with further Teutonic temptation to include German/Canadian speed metal in the mix.

The recording is a little rough around the edges, but the passion and delivery is what makes this release all the more exciting with its true analogue feel. In the process of doing so, Ranger has combined all my favourite influences into one EP release; I can’t thank them enough for this! ‘Touch of Death’ goes into overdrive like some of the early Exciter material in terms of tempo, whilst the blazing solo and eventual guitar harmonies fill my head with a passion to go out and destroy everything conformist in the world that you are supposed to like. This is what you should like and of you are not physically pumped by the time the title track ‘Supreme Evil’ begins to play, then you haven’t tried hard enough. Go back and turn it up “one” louder than ten, then re-evaluate your state of mind, believe the hype, it is totally justified. This band could be the one to watch, they are already confirmed for Live Evil Festival in London this October and they are also confirmed for the legendary Keep It True Festival next April in Germany.

With a new generation of fans discovering this great style of music and for the old road dogs amongst us reliving some glorious times in music, this can only be a positive thing. ‘Knights of Darkness’ is raw passion delivered with youthful enthusiasm and is very much metal to the bone, like the band slogan states, this is “Skull Splitting Metal”.

  1. Ranger
  2. Touch Of Death
  3. Steel Dawn
  4. Supreme Evil
  5. Knights Of Darkness