Rampart - War Behest

The CD starts off with a beautiful prologue, 'Thunder Realm.'  There are chirping birds and what sounds like a train bell and goes into the overture, 'Army Of The Perfect.' There are sounds of a sword battle complete with neighing horses. This actually turns into a song, which was interesting. When I hear the word 'overture' I never thought of vocals, but it works.

'Ghosts Of Freedom' is classic in the speedy guitar chords right off the top along with the sync of the bass and the drums.

The singer has kind of a Geddy Lee (Rush) thing going on which didn't work at first listen, but after a couple go-throughs, the vocals and music melded together like toast and butter.

'Within The Silence' starts as a sort of ballad, pretty, and then goes into an uplifting guitar solo, which is very well done. Then the song changes and gets unexpectedly angry. Good stuff.

My favorite track is 'Road To The Unknown.' The gritty guitar is snappy and really sticks in the brain long after the song is over, making it the epitome of catchy.

Wrapping up, the epilogue, 'March On To Victory' seals the music like candle wax on an envelope. The climactic guitar, drums and the vocals in the beginning sound like the ending to an epic tale.


The production mix on 'War Behest' is not very good. Many of the songs have instruments too loud or not loud enough. The vocals at times are too piercing. It is sad, because had the production been done better, this CD would be almost mind blowing. The guitar on this release is dark and brooding, which adds the haunting feeling to the CD.

'War Behest' is a fun listen with catchy leads and prominent bass riffs.


1. Thunder Realm (Prologue)
2. Army Of The Perfect (Overture)
3. Ghost Of Freedom
4. Within The Silence
5. Road To The Unknown
6.Fire Circle
7. Up In Arms
8. Storm Force
9. Give Nothing Back
10. March On To Victory (Epilogue)