Rag I Ryggen - Rag I Ryggen

So how many of you have actually aware of the fact that hardrock started around 1970? Not many I guess. And I even know you don't know bands from that era. So if you wanna impress your grandparents tell them you have the album of Rag I Ryggen. It would impress them! This album is a re-release from their only album in 1975. An album filled with groovy, fuzzy and heavy songs. Rich guitarsound and that typical 70s keyboard sound. Rag I Ryggen (meaning something like "to have guts") made an album that sounded heavy in 1975 but nowadays only nice for those who want to listen to the roots of todays hardrock.

1. Det kan val inte vara farligt
2. You know it ain't easy
3. Spangaforsens brus
4. Jan Banan
5. Naked man
6. Queen of darkness
7. Sanningsserum
8. Sanningsserum (live)
9. Jan Banan (live)
10. Land over the rainbow (live)

Record Heaven/Transubstans Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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