Rabid Dogs - Beasts With Guns

Grind ‘n’ roll from Italy may be a weird combination but it really does warm the heart. The band names sake track ‘Rabid Dogs’ is rather groovy with its stoner slice of lemon and fuzzbox driven solo relinquishing any thoughts of grind…it changes when the vocal starts, quite effortlessly I have to say, but really poor sound samples don’t help the tracks flow as the grind lasts a few seconds at best. ‘The Boss’ is much more like it, slightly more hardcore but much more in tune with their ethos. I do chuckle at the stoner groove you know, it comes in quite un-expectantly but it comes in a way that is natural which is a stark and pleasing concept. One other track that may have you thinking that is ‘Dirty Harry’, it may stink on paper but the track certainly does not, another example of simple merging of tempo/style change. I have to admit, the groove is much more solid than the inferior sounding hardcore beats, it does sound fuller as their chosen sound and amp set up.

The ‘The White Caiman’ may drag out of more unnecessary sound samples at the beginning but once the crap is kicked out of it you have a cool angry man screaming in d-beat punk/grind/hardcore, again, this sounds more hardcore but the few riffs and solos lead to minor satisfaction without any fuss. But the real premise of this album is the energy and the amalgamation of some groovy and angry shit, the blast beaten, downtrodden southern blues…that something you don’t hear every day. As a release, it works, it’s cool, but I don’t care for the sound samples as they are completely unnecessary but as a whole ‘Beasts With Guns’ is worth a shot.


  1. Intro
  2. Mad Dog Killer 
  3. The Boss
  4. Lupara Bianca
  5. Red Brigades
  6. Agressao/Repressao
  7. Daddy McBride
  8. The White Caiman
  9. Il Consigliori
  10. Dirty Harry
  11. Death Wish
  12. Whoremonger Politician
  13. Tango & Cash
  14. Like A Beast
  15. Lord High Executioner