Quinta Essentia - Neutrality For Defined Chaos

Out of the dark comes this 4 piece band Quinta Essentia. Reading the press sheet and esing the artwork I am convinced that this band is dealing with the occult and transcedental magic. The songs are long but containing so much beauty. Musically it is on high technical skills and putting force out of thrash, death, doom and black metal. Tempo is interacting between fast and compelling midparts. Brute vocals and nice guitarleads. This album needs some listening rounds but then you discover the complexity and then: bang, you're gonna love it!!

1. Introduction- Gathering Of The First Cause
2. The Destiny Of Pity Is Destruction
3. Intuitive Path Of Strength And Will
4. Quintessential Holocaust
5. Interlude- Conquered And Swept Away
6. Hidden Constellation (A Journey Through The Missing Masses)
7. Guided By Polaris Through The Night
8. Outro- Wandering The Path To Mortal Transition
Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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