Quinta Essentia – Archetypal Transformation

Archetypal Transformation is the second album of these black metaller from USA. But a first clarification is incumbent: we are not talking about a classic black metal act but about an experimental extreme metal band able to gain the right exposure thanks to praiseworthy technical skills and to a remarkable originality. Quinta Essentia are four professional musicians that are able to capture their listeners, as they say by themselves, with a really high level of composition, an interesting lyrical concept and magic: and I want to say with also (and above all) with the hundreds of shades and variations of their offer. Fifty-five minutes of pleasure: this experimental black metal is epic, with many double guitar arrangement, dark harmonies and wonderful solos; the vocals are harsh and clean, perfectly arranged and studied; the drums are not only extreme but really close by the progressive border: and the same I can say about the bass guitar, finally important as it must be and vital. The band is furious, dark and deep with a colossal sound: try to imagine Opeth playing black metal and you’ll be near to them even if it will never be enough. Personally I can’t ask more to an experimental black metal band: brave and perfect.

1. Venom Of The Pernicious
2. The Universal Longing
3. Absent Illumination (The Transgressor)
4. Formative Evasion
5. Forgotten But Not Undreamt
6. Arcane Stellar Firmament
7. Instinctual Human Descension
Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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