Quest Of Aidance - Fallen Man Collection

A brutal death metal band hailing from Sweden, Quest Of Aidance started early in 2004 and released their first demo Human Trophy, mastered by Unmoored's Thomas Johansson, in the fall. From then, Roy Yeo of Unmoored expressed interest in signing them to Pulverised Records. When Yeo was sent a copy of Human Trophy, a deal was struck that culminated in its re-release as Fallen Man Collection. Given a new layout by Par Johansson who has designed art for Torchbearer and Satariel, the MCD gives people the opportunity to experience on a grander scale the brutality that hit that special nerve for Yeo. This is a relentless release seeking to flatten your brains to unrecognizable pulp.

1. Imminence
2. Distant World Arrival
3. The Hunter And The Prey
4. Vanishment
5. Man Is The Harvest
6. Cranial Works Of Art
7. 7th Target
8. Yield

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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