Qrujhuk - Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy

Black metal of the old school variety but with a twist. You've heard this type of thing before -- but not comin' from Southeast Asia, am I right? Hearing the raw distortion skorching through your skull like blasphemous flames burning through the black forest -- sure hope there wasn't a church built there -- feeling the hot hiss of serpent's breath on the back of your neck, these things never get old.

Of course it has all been done before and done better -- but every time someone new from perhaps a different corner of the world takes the torch of black metal truth and carries it forward, it is a breath of new life into the scene. Qrujhuk is a one-man black metal tour de force, not unlike Xasthur or Tophetarath and this, his first full-length recording is a solid effort.

So instead of complaining that it is just one more black metal record where the production ain't that great (too much drum machines for example), instead of listening to one of those old Mayhem or Immortal records for the umptieth time, black metal fans would be encouraged to check out "Triumph Of The Glorious Blasphemy" by Qrujhuk.

1. Winds Of Curse
2. Blasphemous Flames
3. Unholy Forest
4. Evil Transfer
5. Winds Of Curse Pt.2
6. The Truth
7. Posers Killer From Hell
8. Natural Grimness
9. A Wolf Near the Black Valley (Winds Of Curse Pt.3)

Kerzakraum Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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