Procreate - Omega Sanctum

Ok.. what could possibly happen when the guitarist of Womb Of Maggots joins forces with the singer of Mortal Torment? Apparently what we get after such fusion, would be an exquisite specimen of antichristian brutal death metal. The good stuff lads. Settin off on the right foot here, and If I had to find the element that stands way above the others in this one, then I would definitely have to go with the riffs. Procreate is a band based on riffs. Razor sharp in their blasting moments and super heavy and tight in their groovy ones. The main plus a band has when its music is based on riffs is that the whole album possesses a nice flow. The same thing happens here. "Omega Sanctum" is brutal and heavy but the top plus is that it has flow. Themes enhance one another but are placed carefully so anyone who listens get's a feeling of natural continuous to the whole hearing process and doesn't wear out.

The title track is the opener and the thing carries on the legacy their 2012 promo left us with. Aggressive and uncompromised riffing covering antichristian/antireligious lyrical themes, followed by great bass lines, tight and massive drum beats and relentless and ferocious inhaling. In fact this time John (known from his service in Mortal Torment), sounds more evil and nasty than ever. I don't know if it is the new thing or what, but the voice here seems incredibly fresh and powerful. The vocal lines seem carefully placed here as the voice gives the impression of another instrument and not just filler. The programming is really good aiming to get as close to the real thing with no exaggerations. And of course when something like that is achieved, then the combination of all the above can only lead to destructive music. Oooh yes gentlemen. Procreate have created a destructive first full length. The riffs are spewing from the speakers under tons of relentless blasting and when your body physically had enough what do they do? They just give you more. Yep. Those bastards seem to have an unlimited resource of brutality going here and we just have to go with it.

The production is clear enough, not to blur the whole thing up, but on the same time it is powerful and tight. Fitting to the style of death metal they chose to follow. So what we got here all in all is 8 songs of pure sickness. 32 minutes of brutal death metal and in it on can find many bands. Pathology, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel are some that hit me during the hearing process but I am sure that many more will come as reference. Test your brains with those ravagers lads. Exquisite brutal death metal for 2015 mofos is what Procreate proposes and we'll just go with it.

  1. To Molest A God
  2. Pig Swarm Over The Cross Valley
  3. Crawling Pilgrim
  4. The Widow Psalms
  5. Forcefed Salvation
  6. Self Destructive Holy Whore
  7. Omega Sanctum
  8. Plague Poetry