Prayed And Betrayed – The Abundance Of A Sickened Mind

Tracking in at only 3 tracks, this short but great EP shows a great blend of groove/melodic death metal. The songs hit hard with fast to mid tempo changes perfecting the solid groove riffs that are thrown around on this release. The melodic factor of this album is done in a more aggressive manner and never feels like it steps in to the metalcore genre. It sounds like something a band like Unearth or Dirge Within would do in their more aggressive and less melodic sections. That is something I did like a lot with this EP, it didn’t do the standard metalcore/melo death riff type and made it sound more evil. However, this is still material that I feel I have heard before, again mentioning the similar traits found in this sub-genre.

All the instruments do a great job in holding their ground, be it drums, guitar, bass and vocals, they all work together and produce a good effort. There are definitely some head banging riffs found through this EP (most notably a particular section in 'World Surreal') and just in general, some great musicianship skills. Drumming and bass is stellar and as mentioned before, sound good. The vocals are a mid scream/shout/growl kind of vibe and maintains this tone throughout the entire EP. I thought these vocals were great however I did wish for some variety here and there as it tended to get tedious at parts.

In terms of originality, there is honestly not too much to brag about, however, it is a great listen and is sure to appeal to listeners of melodeath and groove bands.

  1. Deafblind
  2. World Surreal
  3. The Abundance Of A Sickened Mind

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Oct 11, 2014
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