Plutonium - Born Again Misanthrope

Plutonium is a one man industrial black metal project from Sweden. "Born Again Misanthrope" is a bit of an uneven cluster of an album. What it’s got going for it on one hand it has an equal retractor on the other. Although it’s being sold as industrial black metal it’s basically black metal guitars over a drum machine. It takes a bit more than a drum machine to be industrial but the songs are written well. The songs feel like traditional black metal, they have that melodic yet melancholy streak. It’s like early Darkthrone but with a bit more emphasis on “gothic”. I think that’s where the industrial tag comes in.

The problem is that the songs while start off all well and good they do tend to drag. A slow atmospheric track like 'The Inverted Panopticon Experience' breaks things up nicely and it’s on tracks like these things get interesting but again it falls into the same trap of being overlong.

There are lots of things going on and there are some great ideas but this solo project needs a filter and some collaborators.

Not bad, competent and ambitious but ultimately forgetful.

  1. Born Again Misanthrope
  2. Cortex Vortex
  3. The Inverted Panopticon Experience
  4. Casque Strength
  5. The Masque Of The Green Demon
  6. Remmtiationem
  7. Electric Barbwire Crown Of Thorns
  8. Alice In Plutoniumland (Two Minute Hate Part III)
  9. Confessions Of A Suicidal Cryptologist

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 17, 2016

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