PitchBlack - Designed To Dislike

Melodic, intense, death-thrash! Designed To Dislike kicks more ass than a disgruntled mule herder! Classic Thrash Metal elements melted in with harsh and melancholic vocal styles, pure adreneline, and a nice dose of black humor. Songs are most certainly serious-however for those of us who tend to see certian travesties as some what hilarious, lyrically this record has that little something extra to offer! Go git this if you live for superior, powerful, violently head bangable-thrash fucking metal! My last thoughts on this record-I want to see this group tour with Divine Heresy-trust me, this would be one hell of a night. This isn't an album I recommend-this is a record you must own. Period!

1. Tongue In The Tail
2. Black Holocaust
3. Anti Society Clan
4. Angelized
5. A New Era
6. Queen Of All Kings
7. Patient X
8. Satanic Majesty
9. Encaged
10. Heart Of Darkness

Limited Access Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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