Pig’s Blood – Pig’s Blood

American four piece Pig’s Blood release their debut full length on Godz ov War Productions.

Pig’s Blood is an abrasive, vicious, unforgiving, bewildering attack of an album. The band seem to have been lumped in the current trend of blackened death metal or even war metal, I think while on the right track it’s a bit of an inaccurate description. While Pig’s Blood are a death metal band without a shadow of a doubt they play in a way that seems to have been forgotten of late.

Pig’s Blood don’t concern themselves with technical virtuosity for example but they do hit the listener with a wall of noise. The shredding riff, the tortured vocals, the blastbeats found on 'There Will Be No Law' and 'Misanthrope Absolute'. Not to mention the slower murky sections thrown in for good measure on tracks such as “taste the fucking poison” and there’s straight forward headbanging moments on tracks like 'The Age Of Endless War'.

This is death metal that puts heaviness and atmosphere first and foremost. They play with a punk edge and is borderline grindcore in its delivery, think of Hateplow or Misery Index. Pig’s Blood is a death metal album with a demo like rawness. It feels like you are in the front row and the amp is blazing into your ear or you’re watching the band practise.

This is a short and direct review but it’s a very direct album. It’s raw, it’s dirty it’s a baseball bat in the face. It’s glorious!

  1. Misanthrope Absolute
  2. Iron Justice
  3. Taste The Fucking Poison
  4. Torches Of War And Retribution
  5. Rats (This World Is A Sewer)
  6. Death March Insanity
  7. The Age Of Endless War
  8. First Step In Making Things Right
  9. Deniers Of The Root
  10. There Will Be No Law

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 15, 2017

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