Philosopher - Laws Ov Form

After their debut full length "Thoughts" from 2005 they now come up with an appetiter in the form of a MCD. On this disc you get an intro, two new songsadn a live track from their MCD "What Dwells Beyond". On the promo I got their is also a live videoclip "Awakening Senses". The intro is building a tension and it continues in the mid paced technical death metal. Philosopher playes a bit like Death (see the bandname) and Bolt Thrower. Brutal vocals, creative guitars, background keys and power interval drums. Philosopher playes nice well thought death metal but I would like to see them have some faster parts in their tunes.

1. Circle Of The Myth
2. Skepticide
3. Thoughts
4. Within Aeons (Bonus Live Track)

Ruptured Silence Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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