Phaze I - Phaze I

This is the debut album of the Potvin brothers (also the driving force of Lyzanxia). What can you expect? Think of a combination of thrash, death and industrial. The songs are played in high tempo and contain a lot of variation. The frequently changing (tight) drum patterns are done by Dirk Verbeuren and he did a fucking brutal job. With sinister vocalstyles, the dark atmosphere can be felt in the slower passages. Guitars are good riffin although I miss really freaking leads. An album that sound oke although it might be to nervous for a lot of people. Check it out yourself.

1. New Archetypes
2. Evolution of a Species
3. Stench of their Flesh
4. Screams of Dying Dogs
5. The Guide
6. Truce
7. intensified Elements
8. Going to Exist

Scarlet Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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