Perveration - Perversion In Manifest Disease

The new pride of Comatose Music in brutal death-slam is called Perveration and comes from Indonesia. A two piece band that just released its first full length so let us sink deep into it. Each band that respects itself starts an album using a sample of agonizing pain on humanity. Following that protocol, the screams of agony are succeeded by heavy chops. Super heavy guitar chords split to the speakers, some to the left and some to the right until the drums join forces and the party begins.

Slammy riffs mostly, simple and muted leaving all the complexity for the drums. Bass guitar sounds heavier than ever giving the guitar riffs the proper boost to create a cement wall of slam oriented, scull-crashing brutal death metal. The drums contribute to this crescendo of brutality, besides keeping it all together, with a wide variety of blast beats and rolls. Super-fast double kick drum is applied in many parts, letting the intensity of the tracks ease up a bit giving the listener the proper air to breathe, for a short time though, cos then it has to go back to extreme bashing of the snare once again!

Tracks succeed one another in a tremendous rate, creating a slam swamp, having you in it. 'Inject, Pleasure And Suffocation', 'Covid 69', 'Preserved Agony' and the party goes on! The vocals are exactly what you would wish to listen to when all the rest are into the extreme. Deep gutturals and heavy growls taking each other’s place creating an awesome flow. Deep into the red zone and once you put all the above together, all you get is well played and ferocious brutal death-slam, from a country known to have a tradition in the genre!

The mixing here is exquisite. Guitars are spread wide and the bass is everywhere creating a huge sound on the strings. The drums are high on the mix with a good pan between them allowing everything to be heard as it should. A loud and bit muddy mastering giving the final touch in the brutality these lunatics want to deliver. The sick album art comes to justify this one as a MUST-HAVE for the fans of the genre. Keep your teeth grinding with this one!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Destined To Imitate
2. Inject, Pleasure And Suffocation
3. Dying Taste
4. Covid-69
5. Inoculate Rotten Maggots
6. Sanity Depredation
7. Preserved Agony
8. Erotic Disease
9. Manifest Infection