Perdition Sect - End Times

In a difficult period like the one we are facing in this nefarious 2020, four well-known characters in the musical world (Axioma, Ringworm, Incantation) have decided to occupy their free time during the various lockdowns to give life and set the sensations to music, the fears, the moods that everyone felt in those moments.

The final result is this "End Times", a good work written directly and very quickly in a relatively short time. The merit of these works is that the music turns out to be as direct and genuine and therefore it turns out to be the real mirror of what is happening.

10 songs, about 30 minutes of a sonic assault that mixes death metal with much more direct things like good old punk teaches. From the opener 'Plague Of Incompetence' to the final 'Progress Of Failure' there is not a moment of respite. Imagine getting on the Perdition Sect's personal train and living in these 10 tracks as if you were living or participating in an apocalyptic movie. The end is near... is the end here? Let yourself be carried away by the sound of this album, a worthy companion of these dark times. Good job.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Plague Of Incompetence
2. Scorched Earth Industry
3. Not If, But When
4. Social Media Leprosy
5. Bite The Hand
6. Contagion Of Necessity
7. Infinite Incarceration
8. Missed Information
9. Your Safe Space Isn't Here
10. Progress Of Failure