Pathogen - Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Abberations

What do the words Autopsy, Nihlist, the early Swedish death metal scene and many similar to them, bring upon mind when heard? Almost definitely you will think of rotten productions, and slow crawling death metal. Stench of demise and music that has no intention on following blasty patterns. Just groovy and deadly as the old schoolers taught us! So since we're in the proper, old school-rotten mood, it is about time to meet with Pathogen from Philippines and their second full length, "Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Abberations". A little late though cos since this second full length of 2010 (tape release) and now released on CD and vinyl by Dunkelheit Produktionen, they got a handful of releases, among which is their third full length of 2012 and a split CD of 2013 but… Better late than never!

 So for those who don't know them, Pathogen is a band from Philippines, that are loyal to the true old school death metal sound, and whatever this brings with it! And that begins from song writing to lyrics, production and layout! Everything in here reeks rotten and dead! "Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Abberations" is a good example of the motto 'Brutality comes through simplicity'. This definitely goes for these pinay brutalers who enjoy their brutality in its most rotten form! "Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Abberations" consists of 8 songs-hymns to the stench and the aura of 100 years rotting in a grave undead! No technical blast beats here. No swirling riffs, and no super ultra techniques that need xtra hands or feet to be performed. Just a six pack of beers and of we go! If you are into that mood you won't mind at all that Pathogen aren't exactly the band to shake the foundations of your very being! Yes that is true. If we have to be judgmental on this one and, try not to be driven from our emotions, Pathogen's music is not something you haven't heard before. Actually Pathogen is playing ball in a genre were many great bands are swarming the scene and it is really hard to gain impressions and compete! But since this whole idiom is marked by groove and emotion, and not sheer technique to gain impression, I'd say that those breakers from the Philippines gain a big point on it!

Their songs are wrathfull, with single structure, which is a key point to gain the directness every death metaled wants from his music, they have a range of 4-6 minutes, which is a very good scale for this type of death metal, and the production is raw as it should, taking us back to the glorious 90s (for some the golden age of death metal). Every band of the 90s is in Pathogen's music filtered well into their own personal style! Entombed, Nihilist, Death, Massacre, Autopsy, I personally found bits of everyone! So quit asking about new stuff from a genre that is magnificent as it is, and find your selves enjoying this hard working band from Philippines. This garage atmosphere they manage to create is really something, and their raw production helps a lot! They make it feel like you're almost there in their rehearsal watching them drink beer and jam death metal, so who's in for tons of beer, horror atmosphere, gory stuff and old school death metal? Definitely me!


1. Atrocity Exhibit
2. Monolith
3. Heretical Wisdom
4. Abyss Of Perpetual Upheaval
5. Ideological Strife
6. Leviathan
7. Afterlife (cover Sacrifice)
8. Uranium Mesiah