Pathogen/Brimstone In Fire - All Flesh Fades

All Flesh Fades is a split release featuring two death-thrash bands hailing from the Philippines. Pathogen began in 2001, influenced by the full spectrum of extreme music that marked the transition from the 80s to the 90s when death and black metal was in its formative stage. Seeking to redefine the scene amidst an endless stream of trends, the band recorded a series of demos and rehearsals, releasing their debut full length Blasphemous Communion in 2007. The four songs they contribute to this split are replete with global apocalyptic visions borrowed from Biblical prophecies, set to straightforward rawness vaguely reminiscent of Slayer and Deicide, with mid tempo and blast hearkening back to the early death metal of bands like Sarcofago and Benediction. Brimstone In Fire is a technical death metal band that began in Muntinlupa City in 1989. Little information about them is available on the net except to say their lyrical content is heavily inspired by atheism while reflecting psychological trauma and speculative fiction. While raw, their five songs showcase a level of intricacy and uniqueness that with the proper help would develop into a sound you can instantly associate with them.

1. Shroud of Silent Death (Pathogen)
2. Locust Invasion (Pathogen)
3. Sacrilegious Profanation (Pathogen)
4. Suffocate in Blood (Pathogen)
5. Man Lives Once Then Dies Forever (Brimstone In Fire)
6. Fist in Mouth Disease (Brimstone In Fire)
7. Lords of Misrule (Brimstone In Fire)
8. Winter (Brimstone In Fire)
9. Despair (demo '07) (Brimstone In Fire)
Life Span Distro
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 13, 2009

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