Parasite - Hammer Rage

Svaritra Manyu looked for like-minded musicians after writing a bunch of demos in 2011. After meeting Alex Eve and then Giuseppe Pucciarelli the guys practiced the songs and got Andrzej Lupa on the drums to play their first gig at the Underworld Camden on 27th September 2012.
The band recorded 4 songs for their debut E.P Hammer Rage in November 2012 and launched it at the O2 Academy Islington on the 28th March 2013 and is now gearing up for more and more gigs that they are always up for playing!

A Fit Of Thrash
It is evident from the beginning of this E.P that this is technically superb musically although the vocals are very weak in comparison and slightly off key which is rather frustrating.  There does not seem to be any weight behind them to carry the superb sound of the band.

Escape The Killers Spree
A siren wails ominously and a slow drum beat ushers forth but it takes a little while to get going. The guitar creeps forward with a nice chug effect, but sadly again the vocals are thin and do not hold enough zest so this track is a little dull and uninteresting.

Hammer Rage
The title track Hammer Rage starts off with a good pummeling and a fast constant chug however although the band succeed in creating a reasonable intensity with some superb playing by Svaritra and Guiseppe, none the less a bit disappointing vocal wise yet again.

Run & Hide
The sound of gun fire and then the menacing approach of an explosion of rhythms fire up.  It does hold quite a bit of melody but the vocals definitely need to be stronger in order to make a lasting impression. Musically malicious with the guitars working well with the drumming and a nice strong bass hook. Discounting the vocal this is my favourite track on the E.P.

Slightly disappointing with the thin vocals that tend to spoil the overall effect of the mighty lashings of rhythms and riffs contained within the track.  Most definitely needs a much more powerful vocal to fully bring out the tremendous musical highlights.
Maybe, the band should re think the vocals and draft someone else into the band to take over the job and see where that takes them, as they do have a good sound to build upon.
Parasite are looking for a new drummer so if you are one living in the London area or know of anyone who could help out then please contact them direct.


  1. A Fit Of Thrash
  2. Escape The Killers Spree
  3. Hammer Rage
  4. Run & Hide

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 15, 2013

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