Panic Cell - Bitter Part Of Me

Is this still called nu-metal? Don't know if nu-metal still exists? Panic Cell plays metal with rock touches and other classic metal influences. Clean male vocals but yet a bit aggressive, hacking guitarriffing and mid tempo songs. Not afraid to put some slow atmospheric parts in the songs. Sometimes remind of bands like Pantera indeed. The sound is clear and necessary with their songs. Because the diversity is so big in the songs I had a feeling at the end at which point it really knocked out the lights. It didn't and it should have some smashers. Also on the disc a videoclip.

1. Damn self pity
2. Away from here
3. Save me
4. Shallow
5. Nothing
6. Thousand words
7. Bitter part of me
8. Utter madness
9. Alive
10. The end

Videoclip of Away from here

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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