Outright Resistance - Me vs I

Outright Resistance, a band that's tired of the same old clichés. Formed in 2011 their road began, with five different people with a unified belief: enough of the bullshit. Politically motivated at times, socially motivated, identity motivated, zombie motivated (because they're fucking scary) there is no subject too big or too small they won't deal with in song, in speak or in being. So much so that our vocalist, Paige, felt she could take on a journey through transitioning within the walls of this band. We know how isolating it can be with our own internal fight, Outright Resistance tries to give a platform to not only talk about it but to be supported within the walls of your mind palace. With 'Poveglia' we look to achieve this, not only with songs like 'Wasteland' and 'Vultures', but our main track 'We Are Here'. If you need someone to talk to, we'll try to be that person. We may not always be able to help, but we're here to rant at if you need us.

The cover gives absolutely nothing away and says very little although what I got from the cover as well as the beginning of the E.P was that this band are torn by good and evil. Wanting to do good in an evil way – if that makes any sense. I shall explain further, the band use their creative talents to fight evil and by doing so do good, whether this is what the band want to portray is another matter, but I get the feeling they have the balance more than right here.

Me vs I – Starts with a very disturbing opening piece that could be interpreted as good versus evil, as a voice shouts “Do it!” and another voice saying “Do what?” “Kill ‘em!” “How do you mean Kill ‘em?” “I said kill’ em!” “I know I can’t do that!” “Why not?” “It was what they done!” “Kill ‘em do it now!” it goes on from one to the other – one wanting to inflict hurt the other not wanting to amid some seriously sinister gnawing sounds.

Maimed In Chelsea – Exploding into a venomous slurry of fueled vulgarity, and hard to tell that this is a woman singing as the vocals are of low snarling inhuman gruffness, but I guess it is – so well done Paige!  Are you possessed? The threatening hatred pours forth with a resounding urgency and attacking bass hooks.

Prove Them Wrong – Immediately captures a moment of disturbance and invading malignance with equally impressive vocals! Stirring up a melody that explores with eager vision it compels with a caustic weave of infection.

Pain – is met with a torrent of tempered drum beats and an unholy scream that provides plenty of brooding in contagious fashion. Its bounce is fierce and unrelenting and offers a diverse edge of expanding boldness.

Gee Dysphoria – Through-out this track is a rhythmic slurry of intervention that fuels its hungry belly. The drumming keeps it leveled for a time while the guitars and lyrics go off into some kind of oblivion but return soon after amid a striking melody and really sends the listener into some state of confusion.

Destiny Is All – literally encroaches on the ears and gives them something to feast upon. The slow clambering tones drag with it a malevolent frenzy of vocal attack and seething guitar.

Take The Blame – is a beastly track that is unmerciful and swaggers with enough metal to sink a battleship! It’s shocking, barbaric tones and rhythms plunder the audial in an all-out attack that shows its villainous side.

From its disturbing start to its monstrous ending this E.P fights to the death and literally pulverizes with equal determination! I still do not believe a female could sing with such low toned remarkability and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Paige, rather the opposite actually, but it is a monumental gift to have to be able to sing in tune to screaming guitars and battling drum beats, so hat’s off to her!

I can literally feel the air being sucked from my lungs as this all takes place. It is very much a battle of wills with the listener being very vulnerable and laid bare to the extremities of metal played so scandalously raw.

The melodies contained within the tracks are there but slightly over-shadowed by thick textures of brittle qualities that really should give rise to warrant attention into finding out more from this band.

It’s a real winner that stirs up demonic and riveting riffs with highly potent rhythms – for those who like their metal extreme and raw you have come to the right place!

If this doesn’t leave you salivating profusely nothing will!

  1. Me vs I
  2. Maimed In Chelsea
  3. Prove Them Wrong
  4. Pain
  5. Gee Dysphoria
  6. Destiny Is All
  7. Take The Blame

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 16, 2016

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